In Etruscan mythology, Laran was the god of war. In art, he was portrayed as a naked young man with a helmet and a spear. Laran's consort was Turan (who would later become Venus under the Romans). Laran would go on to be merged with the Greek pantheon's Ares and his Etruscan companion Veive to form the Roman's god of war: Mars.

Anri Laran biography

Anri Laran was born in 1970

Andri Laran finished education and received the diploma of Academy of Art and Design in 1996.

Creative career of Anri Laran originates in 1996 from participation in a group exhibition of young artists "Art-Studio ".During same time art original language and the creative concept of the artist starts to be formed.

During next years Anri Laran scarlet continues search of the individual style and it is finally formed as the artist by 2001.

From same time, Anri Laran scarlet works as the Full Time professional Artist. During 2001-2005 Anri Laran , scarlet has organized more than 15 personal exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, Denmark on which finally there is an art language and a manner of work of the artist.

In April 2007, the artist has presented spectators the first large creative project,"Feelings" which included 43 works made by the author during 1992. - 2007.

“Feelings" this creative reconsideration of a role of feelings and emotions in the modern world, definition of their place in the new, changed attitudes between people. Except for it the artist acquaints the spectator with the art language which, being within the limits of an epoch ”the Post modernist style” nevertheless expands its borders.

Works of the artist are in municipal and private assemblies of Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Australia Japan, the USA, Greece, and Hong-Kong, Canada.